Lindsay Lohan grabbed Twitter's attention when a video of her debuting an odd new accent went viral last month.

During the opening of Lohan's new greek club in Athens, she spoke with the Daily Mail. While discussing the refugee crisis with the tabloid, her accent took the stage rather than her politics.

It feels like it's a throwback to her Parent Trap days, with an added pinch of Irish, French and we're not quite sure what else. Lohan was born in New York City and moved to London four years ago. But her new accent sounds neither English or American, although she ironically mentioned during the interview that she is American.

The actress addressed her accent exclusively with Daily Mail this week. When they asked her where her it came from, she switched to an entirely new language, saying in French, "Je ne sais pas (I don't know)."

"It's a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn," she told the Daily Mail. "I've been learning different languages since I was a child. I'm fluent in English and French can understand Russian and am learning Turkish, Italian and Arabic."

Lohan even took it as far as suggesting her speech should have a title of its own. "We should let the people decide" what the accent should be called. Lohan has a suggestion: "Lilohan."