Looking for a "Failing pile of garbage" t-shirt? How about one for "CNN/ the fake news network"?

In the aftermath of President-elect Donald Trump's press conference Wednesday, t-shirts with the quotes or slogans began appearing online, ready for purchase by those against, or for, the incoming President.

The shirts are the latest round of political apparel, following Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats and the "bad hombre" and "nasty woman" t-shirts and mugs that appeared following the final presidential debate in October.

While addressing the unverified intelligence reports published Tuesday by Buzzfeed and CNN, the President-elect singled out the two media properties, calling website Buzzfeed a "failing pile of garbage" and CNN a "fake news" network.

In response, Buzzfeed began selling a series of shirts featuring the quote, as well as bumper stickers and a garbage can, on its online store shortly afterward. The shirt sells for $30, the bumper stickers go for $5 and the trash can for $49.

BuzzFeed told USA TODAY in a statement that it would be "donating 100% of the proceeds" from purchases of the limited-edition items "to the Committee to Protect Journalists." Within 12 hours all of Buzzfeed's items had sold out, with the site prompting interested buyers to instead look into making a donation to the organization.

By Thursday afternoon Buzzfeed confirmed to USA TODAY that it had raised $25,000 for CPJ from the flash sale, the second big donation for the organization this week.

CPJ, which describes itself as "an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide," was praised during Meryl Streep's acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Golden Globes on Sunday. That shoutout brought in over $60,000 in donations by Monday morning.

While for some the shirts are a way to raise awareness, others, such as Sarah Chrzanowski, maker of the "CNN, fake news network" shirt, are hoping to capitalize on the interest. Chrzanowski, a mother of three from Southern California, has been selling the shirts on online retailer Etsy in the hopes of helping support her family.

Going by the username "SupportVeterans," Chrzanowski has been selling shirts on the service for the past five months after her husband, a veteran of the Iraq war, began suffering from PTSD and subsequently lost his job at the DEA.

The "CNN" shirt isn't her first. In emails with USA TODAY, she says a prior shirt featuring the phrase "Obama played the race card/ Clinton played the woman card/ Americans played their Trump card" was a particularly hot item over the holidays.

"No one else was selling it when I made it election night," writes Chrzanowski, noting that she sold over 400 of the shirts over the holidays.

Political paraphernalia doesn't seem to be going away. A search for "Trump" on Etsy reveals over 7,000 items while other groups, such as the Democratic National Committee have joined in on the action with their own "official" political shirts and apparel including a "stop the GOP" bumper sticker and a "popular vote" t-shirt that reads "I'm one of the 65,844,610 Americans against Trump."

The country may be deeply divided on how it feels about the incoming President-elect, but there is one thing that's become clear: there doesn't seem to be any issues with people wearing those feelings (literally) on their chests.