PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC/USA TODAY) -- America got the chance to hear 'America's Got Talent' contestant Brandon Rogers sing one last time Tuesday night.

Rogers, a 29-year-old family medicine doctor from Portsmouth, died in a car accident last month in Maryland. Police said he was a passenger in the vehicle that veered off the road and hit a tree.

The show said it aired the audition Tuesday at the request of Rogers' family.

"On June 11 one of our contestants, Brandon Rogers, tragically passed away in a car accident," an onscreen message read. "At the request of his family we would like to honor his memory by sharing his audition with you."

Rogers blew the crowd away with a vocal performance of Steven Wonder's Ribbon In The Sky. Even Simon Cowell called it "stunning."

The episode closed with a final note of gratitude to Rogers in an onscreen message:

"Thank you for sharing your talent."

Watch Rogers' audition below.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.