NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- 13News Now invites you to connect with us through a new, interactive experience that you can access using any Web-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer.

During some of our broadcasts, you'll have the opportunity to vote and express your opinion about stories, issues, and topics that affect -- or potentially affect -- our community.

We'll ask questions that cover lighter fare (such as "What's your favorite Halloween candy?") as well as heavier subject matter (such as "Do you think possession of small amounts of marijuana should be decriminalized?").

No matter the question, you can head to to share your opinion. Results will show up in real time, and your vote always is anonymous.

At the end of each poll, you can tell us what you think of the experience.

Ready to vote? Join us during 13News Now at 5 October 31 to be part of the experience!