(WVEC) -- Chipotle has created a reading rewards program for young customers that will give out free kid's meal cards as incentives to continue reading.

The program is broken into three parts.

Part 1: Apply for Chipotle Reading Rewards.

Schools and libraries may apply for the program through the Chipotle website.

Chipotle will only be able to support one total application per school, or library, per year. The restaurant chain encourages schools to share the opportunity with all teachers and staff in order for the application to represent the entire school, instead of one class. An email template has been created on the site and is available for download here.

The program is geared towards children in grades K-5. If you wish to use the program for older children, you will need to state that on the application.

When submitting an application, a valid school or library email address must be used, and the cards will be shipped directly to the school, library, or district.

Approved applications will be emailed a custom reading log for their challenge.

Part 2: Kick off your reading program.

After receiving the custom reading logs, the students will need to color in each day that they have read for at least 10-20 minutes.

Schools will need to provide an end date for their reading challenge, so that the restaurant may put an appropriate expiration date on the rewards.

Part 3: Reward the readers with free Chipotle!

Students who complete the challenge will be rewarded with free kid's meal cards.

"We're passionate about more than perfectly rolled burritos," reads the Chipotle Reading Rewards website. "At Chipotle, we're also committed to helping young minds grow."

Quantities for the program are limited while supplies last. If you have any questions about the Chipotle Reading Rewards program, visit their website here.