MANHATTAN, Ks. (WVEC) -- A college student's tweet went viral, after posting a picture of a note that someone left in his car after stealing a candy bar from his vehicle.

Kansas State University freshman Hunter Jobbins was unloading items from his car to move into his dorm room when he noticed the note. The note read:

Saw Kit-Kat in your cup holder I love Kit-Kats so I checked your door and it was unlocked. Did not take anything other than the Kit-Kat. I am sorry and hungry"

Jobbins says in his tweet that he was only gone from his car for about 15 minutes when the candy thief struck. His tweet went viral, being retweeted over 180,000 times.

That tweet caught the attention of one company in particular, The Hershey Company.

Hershey owns Kit Kat and was so appalled that someone would steal Jobbins' Kit Kat that they decided to not only replace the one candy bar, but also fill his entire car with the chocolate.

WPVI Action News reports that the company filled Jobbins' car with more than 6,500 Kit Kat bars. Jobbins decided to share the wealth, handing the chocolate treats out to his fellow students.

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