VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- 15 lucky kids who've spent the last couple of years undergoing orthodontic treatment won't have to wait until next Halloween to enjoy all the candy they want.

The staff at Klarvoorhees Orthodontics woke up bright and early Tuesday morning after staying up late Monday night to decorate the office.

But it wasn't just the holiday they were decorating for.

It's what's known as "Deband Day," according to Public Relations Coordinator Paula Whitehurst.

"We've been doing what we call 'KVO Deband Days' for about six months now," Whitehurst said. "Once or twice a month, we have patients who come in and just get their braces off."

And the orthodontic assistants and coordinators around the office, they made this no small occasion.

When you walk into the office, you'll find glass tea sets, cutouts of rabbit tracks, as well as construction paper, household items and fabric molded into DIY dreams of little mushrooms, flowers whatever else you can find in Wonderland.

And the office staff had on impressive costumes designed after the "Alice in Wonderland" characters too!

Dr. Neal Klar said the celebration is more than worthwhile when it comes to his patients getting their braces off.

"It's the reason I became an orthodontist. The best part of what I do is creating smiles," said Klar. "To see them get their braces off is very rewarding."

Klar also cites that Oct. 31 the last day of National Orthodontic Health Month, which is to promote healthy and beautiful smiles!

It's fitting, seeing that more than a dozen of his patients will leave his office with brand new, stunning smiles.

Yet, it's ironic that the 31st is a day notorious for candy consumption. Let's hope no cavities form!