GREENSBORO, NC -- Today is National Pasta Day! And October is National Pasta Month! So to celebrate and to learn some tips on how to make better pasta at home, Ron Smith, General Manager at a North Carolina Olive Garden, shared some of his tips with our sister station WFMY in Greensboro.

He brought some examples of different types of pasta and sauces so people can make their own pasta bar. The pastas he brought included: spaghetti, rigatoni, angel hair, pappardelle, fettucine, cavatappi and gluten-free rotini. He brought a variety of sauces as well! They included alfredo, traditional meat sauce, asiago garlic alfredo, marinara and five cheese marinara.

He also shared that some pastas go better some sauces than others! Smith said long, thin noodles like spaghetti and angel hair are best paired with light sauces, such as tomato sauce or olive oil and garlic, that won't weigh them down. Flat, long noodles, like fettuccine and pappardelle, go best with rich and creamy sauces, such as alfredo. Short, tube-like pastas, like rigatoni, are very versatile and can be used with a variety of different sauces.

Smith also shared some pasta cooking tips that can help anyone in the kitchen.

  • Leave your wooden spoon in the pot while it's boiling to prevent any spilling over.
  • Start tasting your noodles after they've been boiling for 6-7 minutes. Al dente pasta will taste firm, not crunchy, when you bite down.
  • Get the pasta sauce on the pasta immediately after you drain it. The noodles cool down quickly and will start sticking to each other without a sauce or oil to keep them apart.

Olive Garden is celebrating National Pasta Day with their Never-ending pasta bowl where you can enjoy endless combinations of pastas, sauces and toppings starting at $9.99.

Visit Ron Smith at the Olive Garden in High Point. The address is 4006 Brian Jordan Place, High Point, NC 27265. The phone number is (336) 841-5066.

Or find the Olive Garden nearest you by clicking here.