With the presidential race now behind us, it’s time for a flavorful break as we ask the people of Hampton Roads a tough and, at times, heated question: Which pie is the preferred dessert for the Thanksgiving holiday?

Do you prefer sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie?

As a native of Hampton Roads, there would have been a reality T.V.-worthy dispute had pumpkin pie been offered as the only choice for pie on Thanksgiving Day at my parent's dinner table. But, at the risking of losing my Southerner Card, I have converted to what many across the country believe is the pie of choice: pumpkin.

I appreciate the creamy texture which seems lighter and more flavorful than the sweet potato filling.

Producer Jacqui Sweigart who is also from the south agrees, she cannot resist plopping heaping tablespoons of whipped cream onto pumpkin pie.

Lasalle Blank hails from New England, but his mother is from South Carolina. LaSalle says in his childhood home, pumpkin pie would have been left on the table and possibly thrown in the trash.

In the 13News Now newsroom, the debate has led to heated arguments.

Assignment editor Hunter Hughes argues there is no such thing as pumpkin flavor. Hunter says what pumpkin pie lovers are drooling over is the cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and other spices that are found in many pies, including the sweet potato pie.

Our newsroom contains tasters from around the globe, and we have a few people who have never tasted a sweet potato pie. I've warned them they won't lose their Virginia Driver's license because of this omission, but it's close.

Last year the Chicago Tribune took on this tough question, and even asked mid-westerners if the sweet potato pie was taking over the national taste bud.

So we are turning to the huge melting pot we call Hampton Roads to see what the millions upon millions of taste buds have to say about this vexing question. Which is the proper Thanksgiving pie: sweet potato or pumpkin?

On Monday on 13News Now at 4 p.m., Chef Sydney Gordon Meers, a James Beard nominee, and the semi-finalist for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic 2016 will join our crew for a flavorful but scientific analysis of the pumpkin pie and the sweet potato pie.

Chef Sydney Gordon Meers

We also want to hear from you! Our online poll is open, and there is no electoral college.

The top pie will be announced on Thanksgiving eve.

Remember, every vote counts.

Sweet Potato and Pumpkin pie recipes by 13News Now on Scribd