VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WVEC-TV) -- Comedians proved they are stand-up people. They united at the Funny Bone Comedy Club to lift spirits and raise funds in the fight against breast cancer, as part of a Breast Cancer Awareness Month effort.

"This is called HaHa's for Tatas," said comedienne Stephanie McRae. "We're letting cancer know that we are here and we're going to fight it."

Among the people in the audience -- breast cancer survivors, and people who have lost loved ones to cancer. That includes a woman named Kelly, who lost her aunt to breast cancer. She appreciated the comedians' effort to reach people who've experienced pain.

"It's making me feel good," Karen said. "It's good to laugh."

Stephanie agrees. When she performs on stage, her mother is on her mind.

"She fought a good fight, but she lost the battle to colon cancer in 2003," Stephanie said. "So just knowing that this disease is out here and it's taken so many of our lives, it just makes me want to be part of anything that is a cause to fight against this ugly disease."

This comic also got serious when it comes to doing what we can as individuals to prevent breast cancer from becoming too powerful.

"We need to get our screenings," she said. "We need to get our yearly physicals, we need to notice and when we have changes in our bodies, we can't ignore them."

For this special night, Stephanie and the other comics were hoping that their talent could help in some small way in a very tough fight -- that laughter could be the best medicine.

"If I can, even for just a moment," Stephanie said. "If I could just take their mind off of it -- let them focus on some of the other good life experiences ......Just a piece of hope for a moment, then I'll feel like I've done a good job."