VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WVEC-TV) -- The Right On Band is well-known here in Hampton Roads and apparently among important circles in Washington. They've performed for 4 sitting Presidents: President Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barrack Obama and now Donald Trump.

"We've played for the 4 Presidents while each was President," Nigel Holland said. "That's a very rare thing. Not many bands can say they've played for any one President let alone four."

The band just returned from performing at The Great American Ball at the new MGM Grand at National Harbor, just outside D.C. Because of the controversy surrounding the new President, they admit some of their fans questioned why they would accept the gig.

Dancer Lauren Kidd said being asked to perform for any President is an honor and even her friends who did not vote for President Trump were happy for her, personally, for the opportunity to perform on stage in front of famous people.

She says the experience was electrifying.

"There was a whole crowd of people, the lights are shining down on you and the music's starting to play and all of our glitter is going everywhere and you're just like, I'm in the moment right now, I'm here," she said. "I'm doing this. This is insane."

Nigel says the band is not partisan. It just likes a good party.

"We're not red, we're not blue, we go where the party is," he said.

And the party has been going on for 20 years for The Right On Band. Their next big performance here at home will be Valentine's Day Weekend at the "Pretty in Pink Sweetheart Gala" on Saturday, February eleventh.

It's at the Doubletree Grand Ballroom in Williamsburg. You have to get tickets in advance.

Proceeds will benefit "Beyond Boobs". They help people who are battling breast cancer.