NORFOLK, VA (WVEC) -- Sometimes students can learn valuable lessons outside of the classroom.

This is one of those times.

Student government leaders and honor students at Cradock Middle School in Portsmouth learned the value of volunteering and helping others during a trip to the Foodbank in Norfolk. They volunteered and worked together to stuff bags with food. The bags are distributed to other students whose families are having a tough time making ends meet. Folks at The Foodbank call it their "Backpack Program".

A man named Bobby runs it and explained its importance to the student volunteers.

"We hand them out to children that are food insecure -- meaning that they don't know where their next meal is coming from," Bobby said.

“The Backpack Program” helps 3,400 students in 53 schools throughout our area.

The volunteer students from Cradock loved knowing their volunteer work would be so important to so many other kids.

"Because we're helping people in the community," said Laila, one of the student volunteers.

Their teachers thought this would be a valuable experience in terms of character building.

"Get those skills of how to be a decent human, give back," said Taylor, one of their teachers. "Selflessness, helping the community."

And the community at The Foodbank needs volunteers to help.

"Without volunteers we could not get any of this done," Bobby said. "We make about 2,000 of these bags every two weeks. If it was just me or just staff, we would be doing this one program non-stop every single day."

And that would take much-needed attention away from other important Food bank programs that other people count on.