VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Virginia Beach is getting a new addition this spring. Victoria Sgro-Konopka, the current owner of Kahiau Organic Sweet Treats, is opening her own cafe in just a couple of months.

"It's a huge move, it's all I've ever wanted," said Sgro-Konopka.

She started her baking career almost a decade ago. After receiving multiple requests for vegan pastries and treats, she started looking into how to accommodate all of her customers. “I started just doing research on GMOs and organic foods and I slowly transitioned to all organic ingredients. It opened up my eyes and that kind of led me down the path of becoming vegan."

Victoria mentioned that many of her prospective, non-vegan customers are sometimes scared away by the word "vegan" but she insists, “you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy a vegan treat. A lot of people say vegan food tastes like cardboard or it’s really dry and has no flavor. I tell them if that’s the case, they’re not eating the right vegan food."

Also, with so many people suffering from food allergies, she's happy to provide allergy-free options for just about anyone. “I do soy free, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, and I can even do grain free so there’s something for everybody. I can also do sugar free for diabetics.”

At Victoria's new eatery, Kahiau's Bakery & Cafe, not only will you be able to find some of her current dessert items, she will also be serving full meals. The menu may include items such as vegan macaroni and cheese and vegan lasagna.

Construction is being done on the new cafe located at 3712 South Plaza Trail in Virginia Beach and is set to open the first week of April.