NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Williams School students are taking the time to personally reach out, and make sure students in Haiti are okay after Hurricane Matthew made his way through the country.

"Fortunately nobody died, so they are all well, but their water source has been damaged," said Patricia Britz, a French teacher at the Williams School.

St. Gabriel School in Haiti opened not too long after the big earthquake rattled and destroyed much of the county in 2010. Williams School in Norfolk became it's sister school, and through the years, students and faculty have held various fundraisers in support of the Haitian students.

Their recent effort, is much more personal.

"I just hope St. Gabriel and everyone is safe," said Pierce Wynne, a sixth grader at the Williams School.

Students will be writing cards that ultimately will make their way to Haiti.

"You know every single day you have to cherish everything they have, because if you were in their situation, it would be completely different," said Wynne.

There is no post service where St. Gabriel school is located, so a carrier will actually deliver the cards in a couple of months.