NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The Police Department is teaming up with the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center to raise awareness animal rescue animal adoptions.

NPD posted several photos on social media of officers in their Community Affairs Section posing with the shelter’s animals in need of homes. The initiative is called, “Norfolk’s Finest & Furriest.”

Sergeant Aprell Copeland said many officers pick up stray animals in the community and take them to the shelter.

“It's not uncommon for an officer to come across a stray cat of a stray dog or an animal that is hurt of injured. So we take them to the center for treatment or care,” said Copeland.

Copeland got to bond during her photo shoot with a dog name “Hurley”.

“Not only do get the chance to adopt but you get educated on all the different animals. Especially those that are not likely to find a home,” said Copeland.

Barbara Hayes is the manager of the shelter. She hopes that by people posting and sharing the photos of police and the animals the pets will find homes.

“We just always hope that people think first about of their local animal shelter before they pursue other avenues,” said Hayes.

Hayes said the shelter takes in 5,500 animals a year and can house 150 in the shelter at one time.

“It’s a different variety each and every week. Different breed of dogs, cats and kittens, we have hairless rats here guinea pigs and rabbits,” said Hayes.

To keep the population of stray animals down, Hayes reminds people to spay and neuter their animals.

PHOTOS: Norfolk's finest & furriest