To deliver... or not... that's the big bargain question today.

Larry Miller is no stranger to meal delivery services. He subscribed to Blue Apron 4 months ago, mainly out of convenience.

Larry gets two meals for four people delivered once a week on Sundays. One of the meals -- a Za-atar Chicken Souvlaki.

The recipe calls 4 chicken breast, 4 pocketless pitas, Tahini Sauce, one onion and a few other items. The cost of this meal to feed four is roughly 35 dollars -- half of the nearly 70 dollars his family pays a week.

So, is his time saving luxury actually saving or wasting money?

We headed to one of the more moderately priced grocery stores to check it out. Aisle by aisle we picked up our items noted in the ingredients list.

We got the chicken -- that cost nearly 10 dollars. The pitas were about three dollars. Yogurt was only a buck.

The recipe calls for a couple of teaspoons of Tahini sauce. But, you can only get it at the grocery store in a jar for 11 dollars.

The total cost of the ingredients -- about 36 dollars.

So in this case -- the Blue Apron was cheaper than going to the store and getting groceries on your own.