(KUSA) - Facebook has quickly become a marketplace to find, buy, and sell items. One woman in Colorado turned to the site to show off her item...her human husband Gary.

Morgan Curry wrote a post on a Facebook group page called "Denver Moms Need Friends Too." Despite the title, Curry looked for potential candidates for her husband instead.

She wrote,

"Seeking Friend For Husband--

I can't believe I'm putting an ad out there for my husband but Lord this man needs a friend. * save me *

Does your husband enjoy college and pro football? Is he handy around a car? Does he know his way around a gun and enjoy manly walks through the woods? Then he needs a Gary! What is a Gary, you ask? Great question!

Gary is 31 years old. US Army veteran. Avid bow hunter and lover of all things Football. Connoisseur of American muscle cars and gym rat. Those easily upset by excessive cursing and loud noises may want to consider not getting a Gary. We here at My Friend Gary Inc. understand that a Gary may not be for everyone. If you think your husband may enjoy Gary, please leave a comment on the comments section!"

When her husband found out about the post, Curry said he went through three different stages of reactions.

"At first he was amused that I'd done it," she said. "Secondly, it was...'I can't believe you did this' and then thirdly...'you mean this is gonna be in the news?'"

Curry said she wrote it in good fun, but she did admit it's hard to find friends as adults.

"It's very difficult...surprisingly so," she said. "You already have perhaps your established friends from college or high school, but if you are in a new place and you don't know anyone, it's really difficult...especially if you're a parent."

A couple of women reached out to tell Curry how much her post made them laugh. She also got a few serious offers.

The couple already have plans to meet another couple this weekend to watch football.