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Dear Roze:

You may say it’s a part of the job having to deal with a jerk, but this particular person’s undermining behavior has me worked-up more than ever. Her behavior used to be just a minor annoyance, but it’s gone on for way too long.

If I could avoid her I would, but she’s one of our office’s administrative managers, so all of us account executives have to have some of our paperwork go through her. She plays favorites with the guys, and since I’m not a guy, my documents and other women’s take forever to get her approval and signature.

She takes joy in being able to tell us that she hasn’t gotten to ours. It kills me because it’s so obvious she could have taken care of it. It takes so much out of me to act like it’s no big deal week after week, but I know my paperwork will stay at the bottom of her pile if I show a tad of my anger.

To make matters worse, this woman has been with the company forever, so she knows who she can screw with and get away with it and who she should take care of. Consequently, her behavior is never challenged. When the issue was raised with our superiors and HR, it was brushed off. We were told to just chill, let it go, or that’s just the way she is. Of course, if it was their paperwork, it wouldn’t be tolerated.

I think I should explain that even though she’s in a management position, account executives have a higher status in our company. It seems as though this rankles her, especially with the women. I can understand where she’s coming from, but it’s not my fault she’s where she’s at and I’m where I am in our company hierarchy. I’ve had enough; I’m over it. What should I do?

Worked up over office administrator’s undermining

Dear Worked up over office administrator’s undermining:

As much as I wish I could say your situation is a rare one, more often than not many a workplace has individuals who deliberately undermine others for a variety of reasons.

It sounds like your administrator could be resentful and or jealous of your and your fellow female account executives’ status. Along that line of thinking, I would venture to guess that she may not feel appreciated or respected. So, even though she may not be deserving, if you go out of your way to show your appreciation for her work and respect for her position, and especially take some time to get to know her as a person, it could go a long way to improving the speed in which she handles your paperwork. There’s no guarantee that these efforts will make her change her behavior, but it’s worth a try. At this point, it sounds like you have nothing to lose.
Best of luck!

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