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Dear Roze:

My situation has passed, but I can’t shake it. In the beginning of the New Year, I requested a week off in March, which was when my son would be on his college spring break. My boss approved it, but less than two weeks before it, I got an email from him telling me I needed to reschedule it. No explanation was given. Although my boss is known for making unexpected changes with no explanation to our work, this was the first time, at least that I’m aware of, that someone’s vacation was squashed. As you can imagine, I was furious. I wanted to go to his office and see if there was any way I could change his mind, but having worked for him for a while, I knew there was a reason he put it in an email. There was no way he wanted to talk to me. So I emailed him and asked him if I could do whatever needs to be done ahead of time, so I could still have that week off with my son. I got a two-word email back from him, “Not negotiable.”

Then when I got to work the week I had planned to be off, I heard my boss was on a seven-day cruise. Finding that out just made me more furious. When he returned, only work was discussed between the two of us. I couldn’t fake interest and I’m glad he had enough sense not to bring it up. I can’t deny that this will stick with me for quite some time. Any thoughts?

Boss sinks to an all new low

Dear Boss sinks to an all new low:

As much as it pains me to hear what happened to you, I am not surprised. I realize it does not lessen your anger over your boss’s actions, but know that you are not alone. Sadly, I have heard quite a few tales of bosses rescinding their employees’ vacations and then taking that time for themselves. And oftentimes, bosses that do something like this, have a reputation for making other questionable moves.

These bosses are so shortsighted. The fact that they cannot see how this conduct not only destroys morale but seriously compromises any trust or loyalty that may have existed is mind-boggling.

Even though it is obvious that there was no changing your boss’s mind, I applaud you for asking. I also respect you for keeping it all business when he returned from his trip. Typically, people like him have no conscience.

I truly hope you get that quality time with your son sooner than later.

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