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Dear Roze:

I hate my boss! It’s so obvious she wants me to quit. She is doing her damnedest to make me absolutely miserable. I would have left a long time ago, but I can’t afford to without having another job.

When she first hired me, everything was peachy. But once I stopped agreeing with her and going along with everything she said and did, that’s when she started being a total b#$*ch. Basically, once I got a mind of my own, the undercutting began. Sometimes it’s been real subtle and other times it’s out there for everyone to see.

When she hired me, I was pretty new to the business so I never questioned her. That was almost 10 years ago. Now, I’m well-versed in the business and I can’t let it go when her actions affect my work. I have to speak up when she does something that’s not right or will have negative consequences. I think she believes I’m trying to undermine her or discredit her, but that’s not it at all. I’m just trying to protect my accounts and my reputation. Nevertheless, she sabotages me every chance she gets by doing things like keeping me out of the loop on things that directly affect my work, and smirking or rolling her eyes when I speak at staff meetings.

I know she can easily fire me since Virginia is an at-will state, so, I’m trying not to give her a reason, but it’s getting harder every day not to blow up or walk out like she wants me to.

I know I need to get out as soon as possible. I appreciate you letting me vent; I figure there are a lot of people out there in the same boat as me.

Boss wants me to quit

Dear Boss wants me to quit:

I’m truly sorry this is happening to you. You are smart to be looking for another job, which we all know can take considerable time and effort. Recognizing that, I cannot stress enough that you not only maintain a high level of performance in your current position but when you believe you must “speak up,” do it with utmost respect, because you do not want to give your boss any ammunition to use against you. Ideally, you want to be able to leave on your own terms.

Even though you did not allude to this, it is possible your boss does not want to fire you because she does not want you to be eligible for unemployment benefits.

I hope you find a new job very soon!

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Workplace Woes – Roze Knows®

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