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Dear Roze:

Our boss divided our department into several teams and assigned a person in each team to serve as the team leader. The guy leading the team I’m on is driving all of us bonkers. It’s so bad that when he’s not around, we spend way too much time complaining about him versus getting our work done. We all agree on the things he does that are either outright wrong, unreasonable or inappropriate, but when we planned to bring this stuff up at our next team meeting, I got zero support.

We had agreed I would initiate the discussion and everyone would back me up. After I laid out our issues, our team leader asked if anyone else on the team felt the same way. No one said a word. All I could hear was the sound of crickets. So, I’m ticked off with my co-workers and our team leader is ticked off with me. After the meeting, I told my co-workers to never complain to me again. And, unfortunately, the problems still exist and I’m concerned they could get worse.

I’m thinking about going to our supervisor. He seems to be a decent guy. Do you think that’s OK?

Left hung out to dry

Dear Left hung out to dry:

You probably realize this more than ever now, but be sure you truly know your co-workers if you ever consider going into battle with them. Are they the kind of individuals who will always have your back? Or, are they all talk and no action?

If things remain the same or get worse with your team leader, I would consider talking to your supervisor with the goal of having his support for transferring you to another team or addressing the matter with your team leader. If you decide to take this route, let him know that you tried to handle the situation without involving him. And of course, be sure you provide substantial proof of your allegations and that you have everything well-documented. Remember, it will be your word against the team leader’s since you do not have any support from your team members. Hopefully, your supervisor will be understanding and responsive and address your concerns in the most fair and appropriate manner.

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Workplace Woes – Roze Knows®

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