YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- Well ladies, you won't have to look to the Gainesville Police Dept. anymore to get your fix for "hot cops."

One local sheriff's office wants you to know Florida officers have nothing on York County's finest!

The York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office responded to a fun and tantalizing challenge that's sweeping the nation: #HotCops.

They posted on their Facebook page two deputies who work for the York County Sheriff's Office.

It all started nearly a week ago when the Gainesville Police Department in Florida posted a picture of three officers taking a selfie as they were preparing to work during Hurricane Irma.

The selfie quickly went viral garnering thousands of shares and, expectedly, some pretty hilarious comments.

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Now, police departments, sheriff's offices and even firefighters across the country are getting in on the fun, calling it the #HotCops challenge.