"It's not every day your eldest child at 12 years old gets to deliver your last child."

A photo of a young girl delivering her baby brother has quickly gone viral on Facebook. According to the Facebook post, 12-year-old Jacee really wanted to attend her now-brothers birth 18 months ago but her parents felt she was too young.

Fast forward to the moment in the viral photo, Jacee's parents felt it might be a good learning experience for Jacee to attend the birth of her new baby brother. So the wide-eyed and curious little girl went to the hospital with her parents when her mother was in labor. But there was a slight hiccup, Jacee was upset because she thought she wouldn't be able to see the delivery over the bed.

That's when the doctor did something amazing.

"Dr Walter Wolfe then suggested, 'Jacee why don't you suit up and come deliver the baby.' I was in shock lol! I told her as long as zack doesn't care go ahead and he said 'go for it Jacee,' the mother wrote.

So Jacee got suited up for the delivery.

"Although the pain from the contractions and the pushing hurt me so bad... watching Jacee's expressions on her face were like no other," the mother wrote. "Concentrating on her face while I pushed helped me so much!"

According to the post, the young girl even put her hand inside of the doctors and delivered the baby!

According to Mississippi News Now, the family lives in Jackson, Mississippi. Congratulations to the happy family!