HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WVEC) -- If you're cold outside, your pets are, too. With bitter temperatures blasting Hampton Roads it's important to make sure your pets stay warm.

"Bring animals in when it's very, very cold outside, especially short-coated dogs," said Barbara Hays, bureau manager for the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center.

Norfolk Police tell 13NewsNow if temps drop below 45 degrees, dogs must have shelter with four walls, and covering over the opening so they can go in and out.

Hays says it's ideal if the shelter is elevated with straw bedding. Food must also be monitored.

"For some outdoor animals you want to increase their food level in the colder months just so that they can maintain their body heat a little bit better. But particularly with water you have to make sure it's not getting frozen," said Hays.

She says pets can get frostbite, especially on their ears and tails. Hays says sweater and jackets are good for short coated dogs.

Before you start your car, tap on your hood to make sure animals who tried to get warn aren't in there. And if you spill antifreeze, clean it up. It tastes sweet to animals and is poisonous to them.