YORKTOWN, Va. (WVEC) -- Before the first snowflake and before the temperature even drops, Gregory and Kristin Millslage knew a snowstorm was on its way.

“You can see the activity ahead of the storm,” said Kristin. “The frenzy at your feeders.”

She’s talking about the amount of birds, many that you would see in your backyard, eating right out of the couple’s hands.

They own Wild Birds Unlimited in Yorktown.

“The insects are scarce when the weather gets this cold,” said Gregory. “The birds have to supplement that.”

Snow in the forecast typically means their store will stay busy. But a lot of people forget to fill their bird feeders ahead of a storm. The Millslages say that emboldens the birds.

“It’s a pretty cool experience,” Kristin said.

Meal worms will likely work best for most of the birds near you. Kristin suggests holding out a small handful while trying to stay as still as possible.

Then maybe you’ll make a feathered friend during the snow.

PHOTOS: Birds try to stay warm and well-fed in the snow