"7,000 miles between them," a Texas-based photographer wrote in a Facebook post showing a beautifully shot maternity photo. The story behind it is one she will "never forget."

In a blog posted Tuesday, Traci Fugitt -- owner of Traci Lynn Photography -- said she received a "very special request" a few months back. Expecting mom (at the time), Nicole, inquired about maternity and birth portraits.

But she didn't just want simple photos taken -- she wanted them to feature her husband. A rather difficult request being as her husband Wesley, a Navy corpsman, had been deployed since November, according to Inside Edition, and had missed her entire pregnancy.

So Traci turned that "special request" into something special and the now-viral "7,000 Miles To Pyper" photo was born.

"I had an idea to use the Texas bluebonnets to emphasize how she was MILES away in Texas, literally 7,000 miles, and yet they were both waiting for Pyper, together," Traci wrote.

Traci shared the photo on Facebook. The top comment appeared just a few minutes later from a family member of Nicole and Wesley's thanking Traci for her beautiful work.

"My wonderful sister in love and baby brother! This picture has brought many tears to our family it is so beautiful," the comment reads.

"Beautiful." Nicole thought so too.

“I cried, both of our families cried," Nicole told Inside Edition. "It's been really emotional for me to have my husband gone my whole pregnancy, so the fact that Traci was able to include him in my maternity session was very emotional."

Traci said she had a great time getting to know the soon-to-be mom during the shoot adding they couldn't stop laughing the entire time.

"I can just imagine how precious her little girl is going to be," Traci wrote. "We had to take so much time to ourselves to breathe and relax, before each shot was taken."

With Wesley back in the U.S. for a moment, the new parents welcomed little Pyper into the world on April 13.

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