UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (WVEC) -- What do you want for your birthday? Flowers, jewelry, a nice dinner?

Sarah Tadlock from University City turned 32 this month and had something else in mind.

She said, "32 random acts of kindness in one day."

Sarah, who owns a real estate brokerage, is passionate about giving back to the community.

"I've always had this idea of doing the amount of random acts of kindness as I am old because I think a lot of the times we look over that really a birthday is a gift," Sarah said.

When Sarah told her closest friends, they wanted to join her mission.

Sarah said, "It was a moving experience."

She spent the month before her birthday planning and purchasing supplies.

"I went to Pinterest and googled random acts of kindness and started getting ideas," she said.

Then on Saturday, July 8, she celebrated turning 32, by carrying out the 32 random acts of kindness.

"One of the most exciting ones I did was a blessing bag. There was about 20 items that we handed out multiple bags to homeless in our city," Sarah said.

Another random act of kindness involved dropping off toys at a playground.

She said, "We bought little dinosaurs... Can you imagine a little kid running around and finding a dinosaur that says take me home?"

Sarah and her friends left a surprise on several Redbox machines.

She said, "We taped up treat bags and it said enjoy the movie the snacks are on us."

They also stopped at a dog park.

Shes aid, "We decided to drop off a big basket of tennis balls for the dog park... and said your pet wants to play ball."

A few days later, she posted the pictures on Facebook.

"It was so interesting. It went more viral than I ever thought," she said.

Sarah plans to keep doing the random acts of kindness on future birthdays.

"Maybe at 70, I can accomplish 70 acts, so we'll see ill keep you posted," she said.