ISLE OF WIGHT, Va. (WVEC) -- A deputy, that went above and beyond his call of duty to make sure an elderly couple stays warm inside their freezing home, is receiving praise from his department.

The Isle of Wight Sheriff's Office wanted to bring attention to the random act of kindness.

According to Lt. Tommy Potter with the department, around the first of the year, Deputy Jeremy Hall was called out to do a welfare check on an elderly couple living in Carrolton, Ken and Katie Boutwell, after they called 911 because the heat in their home stopped working.

After realizing that the temperature in the home was in the 50's, Lt. Potter says Deputy Hall took it upon himself to go to a local store and buy a space heater and two electric blankets.

“He made me cry,” Katie Boutwell says. “When he came to the door with that in his arms I felt like an angel arrived in a policeman's outfit.”

“I couldn't believe it,” Ken Boutwell says. “It was just unbelievable.”

Deputy Hall is said to have used his own money for the purchases and refused to take the couple's money after they offered to pay him back.

“I was thinking if these were my grandparents I would want someone to help them out,” Deputy Hall says. “I don't look for the recognition, it's just part of the job.”

The Isle of Wight Sheriff's Office did not know about Deputy Hall's random act of kindness until the couple called the Sheriff to let him know.