(WVEC) -- The All-American Dog, the golden retriever, cute as a button and some of the most family friendly pups on the planet, but sometimes even these loveable dogs become abandoned, lost or surrendered.

This is where SEVA GRREAT, Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training steps in.

Debbie Morris of SEVA GRREAT tells us that “we’ve been in existence since 1990, and to date we have rescued over 2000 goldens.”

Can you imagine 2,000 dogs! All adopted by loving families!

That in itself is a huge accomplishment by the organization. But they weren’t finished there, this time they took their cause international!

In Turkey about 10 years ago golden retriever puppies were the hottest thing, everyone wanted one and thousands flooded the country. They loved the puppies but no one wanted to dog.

Debbie says “golden retreivers are people dogs, they are not used to being able to take care of themselves…..often prey for packs of dogs roaming the streets.”

After learning of the growing problem of abandoned and homeless goldens in Turkey the group reached out to see what they could do.

The process took about 6 months of planning and in May of 2015 the very first golden retrievers from Turkey landed on American soil and that became known as the turkey dog program.

36 goldens arrived on that flight, many of which were adopted by families right here in Hampton Roads! This past September 2 more arrived, Journey & Destiny!

Jane Krom, also of SEVA GRREAT says,“right now the program is still being developed as far as the system for us to get them here. having done it twice recently in September very successfully its certainly an easy task for us to do as long as we have volunteers to bring the dogs over.”

As long as there are volunteers, Jane and Debbie say the possibilities are endless and they’ll bring over as many as they can! If you’d like to help the group, or are interested in becoming a foster or would like to adopt a golden you can hook up with the organization by visiting their website or Facebook page!