NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- It's a first for Hampton Roads: this weekend, the region's very first "cat cafe" will hold its soft opening in Norfolk.

It's called the "Catnip Cat Cafe," and it's on Colonial Avenue.

The owner says she got the idea from a TV show, highlighting a similar cafe in Japan. Customers can sip coffee while mingling with about 20 adoptable cats!

So, what exactly does a cat cafe entail?

The owner, Freeda Steele, breaks it down for us:

"A cat cafe in most situations is a place where people go and spend time, grab a cup of coffee... it's a more enjoyable environment to spend time with cats, as opposed to going to a shelter. They're limited in what they can do there."

The plan has taken months to put into place. To avoid problems with permitting, Steele had to strip down the original concept for the cafe. Instead of a full blown coffee shop, expect to only see self-serve drip coffee, at first.

The main focus is on interacting with the cats.