PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- The Humane Society is using the 2016 election to find homes for 15 dogs that are being flown in from Los Angeles, Wednesday, November 9.

The small dogs and Chihuahuas are being flown in by SPCA's Air Chihuahua program. They will soon be available for adoption.

The Air Chihuahua Program takes Chihuahuas, as well as other small dogs, and transfers them to other parts of the country where they may be able to quickly find a new forever home.

The Portsmouth Humane Society has named these 15 dogs, the "Presidential Pups."

"These Presidential Pups have a platform that consists of underlying gratitude, love, and affection for their future adopters," said the Humane Society in a press release.

The pups will be available for adoption starting November 9. The Humane Society will also be offering 50% off normal adoption fees of large dogs and adult cats, starting November 2 until November 13.

If you would like to learn more about the Presidential Pups please visit www.portsmouthhumanesociety.org.