VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Pet lovers, listen up!

If you’ve been trying to keep up with the latest trends for your fur baby, we’ve got you covered! Iisha Scott visited Care-A-Lot pet supply in Virginia Beach to find out what’s new!

From freeze-dried food to sunburn protection, pets have it all! “Anything that is a human trend, [going to] automatically go into the pet trend, because they’re a part of our family,” says Nadine Moravec with Care-A-Lot Pet Supply.

So, let’s start with food. “3 potatoes, a quarter of a small pumpkin, a bunch of celery, 2 ½ apples, 6 handfuls of green beans…” All natural ingredients! You’ll find that and more in one particular brand at care-a-lot pet supply.
“The Honest Kitchen and then you have Grandma Lucy’s, which are dehydrated foods. It’s a whole food and it’s gently freeze dried, not baked, not cooked out,” says Moravec. She says the nutrients stay in the food.

The raw bar is another very popular food trend. “It’s all a single source protein piece of an animal that’s freeze dried, gently,” says Moravec. Everything from salmon and cod skin to turkey necks and wings, Moravec says dogs really enjoy chewy them and eating them. They’re fully digestible. And pig ears? Moravec says "every dog loves a pig ear!”

Next up…flea and tick prevention. “The Soresto collar, you just put it on the dog and once it’s in contact with the dog’s skin, it will work to protect the dog against flea and tick,” says Moravec. And did we mention for up to eight months?

Moravec says you don’t have to put a topical, like the chemical interactions and worry about the touchy, feely stuff and interacting with medicines.

And if only we had enough time, because there are so many other neat things out now for your pets. Visit Care-A-Lot Pet Supply in Virginia Beach if you’re interested in any of the items mentioned.