Portsmouth, Va (WVEC) -- A Portsmouth mother is thankful for the kindness of complete strangers after they saved her and her two young sons from a scary situation.

When Hurricane Matthew’s heavy rains hit on Saturday, Mallory Williams was taking her two sons home from daycare.

“My car just ended up giving out,” said Williams. “It was horrible. The water came into my car. The water was high up. My biggest fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to get out of my car.”

As the family braced for the worst, Williams noticed that they got stuck near a convenience store named “Vicki’s” off of Effingham Street.

A good Samaritan, the store manager and his staff, came to the rescue for the family.

“Once they saw that I had my boys, they were just there and they helped me tremendously,” Williams said.

“It was just like we all came together,” said Mike Kendel, store manager. “I did it for the kids. The kids needed a safe place and they couldn’t fend for themselves. We just did a good duty.”

“God bless the business,” said Williams.