PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- After the Thanksgiving feast comes the shopping.

While the deals are tempting for customers, shoppers are a target for criminals. It's important that while you're holiday shopping, you protect yourself from falling victim.

"Make sure that you're somewhere parked under a light, you want to just make sure you're well seen," said Portsmouth Police Officer Gino Jackson.

Shopping in groups is also a good idea. He suggested you carry your wallet in the front pocket and position a purse in front of you.

"If you open up your wallet, you want to make sure that you're not showing everybody your cash that you have in there," he said.

It's never a good idea to bog yourself down with bags. That's where shopping in groups comes in handy. You can also make multiple trips to your car, moving it to parking spots closer to the next store on your list.

And before you walk out of store doors, Jackson said to have your keys ready and only to unlock one door.

"You don't want to unlock all of your doors simply because if you open up all of your doors, you're kind of making yourself a target if someone is watching you," he said.

If someone does come up to you demanding items, he said to hand them over. But if someone tries to force you into their car, don't get in and make a scene to attract attention. Make sure to take note of what they look like and immediately tell mall security and police.