MCKINNEY, TEXAS (WFAA) -- When you're 10 years old, just about anywhere is your playground.

Bishop Curry from McKinney has several of his inventions in the front yard of his home. In talking with him for a short while it is evident that his body moves as much as his mind does...and that's a lot.

"I have at least one idea a week," Bishop said. "Usually one a week."

"There's 52 weeks in a the math," his father, also named Bishop Curry V.

A few months ago the younger Bishop heard a tough story. In the town of Melissa baby Fern had been left in the hot van in front of the family home. Family members told News 8 at the time it was a terrible accident.

The child felt the need to find a fix to such a tragedy. He put his mind to work and came up with an invention he calls Oasis.

"I came home from work, walked through the door, and he came up to me with a drawing," said the father.

The device is essentially a fan that blows cold air and is triggered by a child left behind in a car seat.

"At the same time it's sending a signal to the parents," said the father.

Bishop said the device would also utilize technology that alerts the parents and authorities that a child was left behind. There's already a provisional patent and they're hopeful it is available in 12 months.

The Currys are proud parents of children who, they say, think differently.

"We have to push them towards that hunger and desire to wanna be scientific and creative," said the older Curry.

Bishop is already thinking through his next idea. He admitted to us that he doesn't really care for long meetings.

That's not surprising considering he's ten years old. His father is an engineer and his mother a teacher. He has two other siblings: a brother and a sister.

"Things that work, here on earth we like things that work," said the younger Curry.