WAXAHACHIE, TX -- The best party on a Monday night just may be in Waxahachie, where host Jenn Bankhead makes sure everyone gets a rose.

She welcomes a group of nearly 20 women whose Bachelor fandom knows no bounds. They know each other from the neighborhood, from work, or school, and they turned what some consider trashy TV into a tradition.

"Though it’s absolutely ridiculous, it is so much fun," said Heather Kennimur.

Many of the ladies here are moms. They are makeup artists, hair dressers, students and teachers. So what makes smart, professional, driven women who wouldn’t be caught dead on the show, love to watch other women often degrade themselves on television?

"You can kind of see a lifestyle that you don’t have, that’s intriguing," said Licensed counselor Elizabeth Scrivener.

She believes, for most women, the show is an escape.

"Sometimes, it's purely just fun entertainment."

But the women at Jenn’s have a simpler answer.

"In all honesty, all of us want it to work out," said Shade Golden. "We want to see a love story happen."

They are hopeless romantics who can appreciate the antics. So in the end, they’re rooting for happiness - even for this season's "villain" Corinne. Maybe that’s a bit of women's empowerment after all.