A nearly $10,000 glitch at a Valero gas pump resulted in weeks of frustration for a Florida couple.

Susan Gower said her husband had filled up his car for gas at a Valero station in Fort Mysers, Fla, according to WSVN.

The amount of gas should have cost “maybe $20 or something like that,’ she said. He used his credit card for the transaction.

By the next day, the same card was declined. Once checking their account, Gower said she spotted the mischarge of $9,949.36, WFTX reported – the equivalent of about 27,000 gallons of gas.

"It was just shocking," Gower said, according to the station. "The bank just said get with Valero and have them reverse the charges."

The station’s manger balked, though, saying reversing the charge was impossible.

Gower’s account remained frozen, forcing her to pay for her two rental cars out of pocket.

After two weeks, Valero’s corporate customer service reportedly stepped in and credited the money back.

The manager still hadn’t admitted the mistake, Gower said.

"I'm a teacher, and 10-year-olds know they need to own up to their mistakes and try to make it right and apologize," she said, per WFTX. "That's what makes me mad."