Spring cleaning spells organization woes and cluttered closets. Today one sale could double your space in a foyer or bedroom closet - or anywhere you have shoes.

For most of history, shoes have been stacked side by side occupying valuable floor and shoe rack real estate. That all changes today!

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Suitable for any type of shoe from hiking to high heels, this storage hack frees up a lot of space for vertical stacking. The solution I found works with boots and each shoe saver allows for two pairs of shoes or sandals to be stored in unison.

You may have seen similar shoe savers at dollar stores or competing offers advertised online. We tested 14 different versions of this product and the most durable ones came from iMagitek. This offer just hit market for a promotion today. We do expect it to sell out.

67% Off TWO iMagitek Adjustable Shoe Hack & Closet Organizer
Was: $29.99
Now: $9.99
***Non Prime Members, use this 30 day trial for free shipping.

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