CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Getting a traffic ticket can be a real pain, whether it's making it to your court date or searching for a lawyer to represent you. But what if there was a way to get the attorneys to come calling and you choose the one who fits your price range?

"I think it's going to be the way of the future," said Mark Curtis. "I think it's really going to affect a lot of people."

Curtis, like many of us got a speeding ticket. But he never thought that downloading an app could get it reduced.

"Never, no," Curtis said. "Because usually it's a drawn out experience."

It's called "Bernie Sez," and it linked Curtis up with attorney Matthew Weaver in South Charlotte.

"That's kind of what sparked us starting up because we were trying to find clients," Weaver said. "And Bernie Sez was the key to finding clients."

Weaver and his partner Jacob Larsen are recent law school grads who credit technology with their early success.

"You have to get on the internet," Weaver said. "You have to have a web presence and this is exactly what we needed."

The next time you get a ticket, rather than calling around for a lawyer....

"Clients make the attorneys bid," Weaver said. "Not the other way around."

Go to the app or website and put your ticket information in: which state, which county and when your court date is.

"They'll see multiple attorneys emailing them about the ticket," Weaver said.

Almost immediately.

"I started getting some bids coming in and you think oh okay that's pretty good," Curtis said. "Then as more came in, the prices started variating up and down."

The attorneys recruit YOU.

"Can enter our bid amount here, but we also have the option to go and change our bid," Weaver said.

More often than not, the "lowest" bidder wins. More importantly, Curtis won his case and got the speed reduced.

"Hope I don't get another ticket, but if I do, I know where to go now," Curtis said.

Not to the courthouse, but instead, to his phone or computer.