EMPORIA--Nearly two months after being shot in the head, 11-year-old Shawdell Walton is out of the hospital and continuing her recovery.

From her Emporia home Tuesday, the youngster says she doesn't remember being shot as she rode her scooter on April 27. The bullet passed through her head.

She was initially taken to VCU and was then transferred to Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters in Norfolk.

She's been home as week now.

Walton says she's forgiven the man accused of shooting her - Evan Lee McNair.

Police say he opened fire on his ex-girlfriend and her children as they drove away and one of those bullets stuck Walton.

'I don't like to hold grudges,' she says.

Walton is using a walker as she works to regain strength in her legs.She's drawing strength from the community that's rallied around her and from her loving grandfather.

'He takes me out to stores and out to eat,' she says with a smile.

Shawdell's scooter is still at the house, but she's not ready to get back on.

'I fear I will get flashbacks of what happened to me. I don't remember. I've just read about it,' she says.

She'll be in 6th grade this coming school year and might be ready to start riding again by then.

Through it all, she discovered she wants to become a nurse when she grows up.

'I want to help people like they helped me,' she states.

McNair is due in court July 9, according to online court records.