VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) - On Tuesday afternoon, the boardwalk and beach at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront were packed for Independence Day.

With thousands of people celebrating the holiday, it caused a headache for people looking for parking spaces.

"If you wanted a parking spot, you should have gotten here yesterday," explained Justice Hill.

Drivers compared finding a spot, to finding a needle in a haystack.

"It's like tough," said Raul Share. "We couldn't even find parking in our own hotel, so we had to park off sight."

Drivers says they feel like they're on a Farris Wheel, going around and around trying to find an open space. Many say they drove around for more than an hour looking for a space.

"When you are bringing car loads of people down here you are spending $70-$80 for parking and that's not family friendly," Celeste Hill Brockett said.

But some argue that it's the price you pay to enjoy the beautiful oceanfront.

"People want to park near the beach, because they have children and they have so much to carry," explained Trudy Zadai.

Drivers are forking up between $20 and $50 dollars for one day of parking.

"It's frustrating but that is the cost of living in nice places. We come from New York, parking is $50 to $60 dollars, Virginia $25 dollars so I feel it's ok," explained one beach-goer.

If you do find a spot that is metered, it could be a bit cheaper, although you will have to keep refilling the meter every couple of hours.