CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- A large crowd packed the Indian River Community Center to hear how President Trump's time in office will affect them from Congressman Bobby Scott, who held a town hall.

Constituents came with a wide-range of questions for Congressman Scott.

"I want to hear the pulse of what we're hearing on the news today and let them know how I feel about it and make sure our issues are being concerned," said Joyce Henry who lives in Chesapeake.

The Congressman talked about impacts the President's proposed budget could have locally, such as cuts to education, to delaying progress with the Chesapeake Bay.

"Scaling back on education, the environment, the fact that they want to zero out support for the Chesapeake Bay, immigration, the Muslim ban, there's a lot of problems with this administration," said Scott.

The topic of healthcare especially made the crowd uneasy, as it became a major talking point.

"Before we can improve it, we have to make sure we don't go backwards. If you look at the replacement plan, it was worse on every measure, 24 million more uninsured, you pay a higher price, and the insurance you get is worse," said the Congressman, who admitted the Affordable Care Act isn't perfect, but better than any proposed repeal.

"What's going on now in D.C. is a big concern and we need to be involved," said Henry.

Congressman Scott made sure the crowd understood he backed the Affordable Care Act, adding that the latest repeal was demonstratively worse than the ACA and he's not willing to go "half-way" on a repeal.

"Instead of making 24 million uninsured, let's just make 12. No! If you're going backwards, we're not going to help," he said.

More than a dozen people took to the mic to ask the Congressman questions.

A few asked about Syria and North Korea, one asking if he's commit to voting against a war because he voted against the Iraq war.

Congressman Scott said at this time, he cannot commit to that until he sees how things develop.