YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- Just when you thought the work wrapped up on Route 17, another project is in the works.

VDOT crews just widened Route 17 from Hampton Highway to Wolf Trap Road.

It took more than three years.

Now there's talk of doing the same thing on Route 17 to Denbigh Boulevard.

However, drivers say they're not ready to deal with the orange cones again.

George Washington Memorial Hwy, or Route 17, was once only four lanes wide between Hampton Highway and Wolf Trap Road and is used daily by an average of about 56,000 vehicles.

Congestion was the norm during peak hours, so VDOT decided to add two additional lanes to the busy road.

The nearly three-mile, multi-million-dollar project also added road sensors, replaced two bridges, moved utilities.

Lane closures and traffic shifts have caused headaches for local drivers.

“If you're in a rush there isn’t any need to come on route 17,” driver Ann Kates says.

The state has a priority rating for road projects.

This new proposal will widen route 17 from 4 to 6 lanes between 1.517 miles north of Lakeside Drive and Denbigh Boulevard/Goodwin Neck Road.

It ranks 20th out of 52 district-wide road projects.

The project is recommended for funding.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board is going to vote on the proposed project list in June.

If approved, construction on 17 would start in about five years.

Information on projects can be found here.