SUFFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- It's a problem that residents in Suffolk said blooms every year---algae causing a strange odor and taste to water for Portsmouth.

Lake Meade and Lake Kilby are water sources for Portsmouth, and parts of Suffolk.

Lake Kilby in Suffolk is owned by Portsmouth and it's also a water source for the city.

Algae blooms in Lake Kilby butt up against Cynthia Ferguson's yard and she said it's happened every year since 1989.

Portsmouth city officials say the algae is causing the water to smell and taste differently but, it is still safe to drink.

Water department crews are using carbon to treat the lake and should clear up in less than a week.

"Obviously with it being a drinking source, the chemicals have to be friendly to people using it," said Ferguson.

Suffolk city officials said portions of their city is also affected but not many people have called about issues with their water and it still meets regulation.

"They come along the lake shore and do the treatment every year so hopefully they come soon," said Ferguson.