NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- NBA star Allen Iverson came home to Newport News for Christmas to spread holiday cheer.

Iverson has teamed up with Gary Moore and More Management & Entertainment to donate toys and gifts to 40 Boys & Girls Club members on Thursday. Dinner was provided to members of the Newport News community.

“I'm so happy and I cherish the fact that I can come back here and hopefully inspire not the next Allen Iverson but the next whoever,” said Iverson.

Iverson said he knows exactly what some of these kids are going through, especially this time of year.

“I've been in the situation where I didn't get nothing for Christmas, or I didn't get the gifts that I wanted,” said Iverson.

The kids were very appreciative of the table full of toys. They were called up, one at a time, and given the opportunity to choose between everything from coloring books, to games, to Legos, to sporting goods.

“That's very cool because that's like an opportunity that some child may never have,” said Samoiah Chappel.

However, many of these children said the best gift of all isn't a toy, but meeting their hero.

“I love you all and the sky is the limit,” said Iverson to the group.

“I always wanted to meet him I've always been a big fan of him,” said Solena Reid.

Reid said Iverson has encouraged her to go for her own slam dunk, not on the court, but in life.

“I feel like if he can do his dreams and become an NBA star I can pursue my dreams and become an IT specialist and later on in life become a nurse if I want to,” said Reid.

Despite all the professional achievements Iverson has received, including being an 11 time All Star and league MVP, he said it's events like this he's most proud of.

“Being here, that's the greatest thing in the world, it makes me feel like I'm a super hero,” said Iverson.

The "Allen Iverson's Holly Jolly Toy Give Away" dinner took place at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Hampton Roads on Hampton Avenue.