VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- It's a message causing outrage in Virginia Beach's Centerville district.

Folks say flyers with racially offensive undertones were scattered along their Woodbride Pointe neighborhood.

They oppose a Royal Farms from being built nearby. The argument stated that "Good Chicken = Bad Neighbors. Increased Traffic. Increased Crime."

"It's just sad to see," said one resident. "Obviously they're saying it's going to increase crime because that's the stereotype they have of Black people."

"It's not giving the right message," said Neighbor Danielle Pope.

Pope and her friend, Nichole Ramnauth said their children were even approached with the fliers at a bus stop. They claim two elderly white women were handing them out.

"There's a lot of different people here and we're trying to teach our children good values and morals," said Ramnauth. "And I feel like this flyer was trying to tell them something different."

The women gathered the signs and took them to Councilman Bobby Dyer.

Dyer and Mayor Will Sessom's numbers were posted at the bottom as a reference of contact.

"I find that quite offensive, especially when I'm tied to something like that because it gives a false impression," Dyer said.

Dyer said neither he nor the Mayor are connected. He assumes the culprits got the phone numbers from a public domain.

Dyer said he doesn't condone any racial overtones in the message. He also also denies any major disapproval of the Royal farms.

"We're actually in favor. We've had a number of town Hall meetings where the public was educated," said Dyer.

Dyer said there was some disapproval from residents like the store being by a school, but nothing like this.

"When people do things like this, it really undermines us as a society," Dyer said.

The Royal Farms is still scheduled to go up at the intersection of Lynnhaven and Centerville Streets.