VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- A judge dismissed charges against a coach, mother and teenager accused in an assault at a high school.

The trial on Thursday lasted for about two hours as the accused, witnesses and police testified.

Kenneth Whitley, a well-known wrestling coach in Hampton Roads, maintained that a 17-year-old Green Run High School basketball player attacked him.

The incident happened May 1, after Whitley said he swiped the teen's car with a bus as he was transporting the Norview High Basketball team to a game.

Whitley said he exchanged information with the teen's mother, Christy Kieschnick, the teen later came out of the gym cursing and then punching him.

The teen testified that Whitley choked him, which evoked the fight. Two of the student's teammates corroborated the story.

But Whitley admitted to getting out of the bus before the fight, waving his finger at the teen and saying "Do you know who I am?"

"That's where this whole thing started," said Sonny Stallings, Kieschnick's attorney. "He should have never gotten off of that bus."

"[He said that] because these young basketball players, they know the coach," said Pete Decker, Whitley's attorney. "He's been doing it for 50 years. He was just trying to calm this young man down."

Due to drastically different testimonies, the judge ultimately decided no one was at fault and it's unclear who was the aggressor.

He dismissed all charges, including one against Kieschnick, who Whitley accused of punching and breaking his nose and tooth.

"We're not those type of people," said Kieschnick, who was pleased with the outcome of the trial. "I didn't want anything bad to happen to Kenneth Whitley, myself or my son."