ORLANDO, Fl. (WVEC) -- Orlando SeaWorld welcomed a baby whiskered walrus on June 3.

14-year old Kaboodle gave birth to her first calf just after midnight.

Kaboodle and her baby immediately began to bond and the pair like to snuggle with each other even when they sleep.

Walruses are born with robust whiskers which help them detect shellfish, a main portion of their diet.

SeaWorld shared this adorable video on their Facebook page:

Kaboodle's calf is the first baby walrus born at SeaWorld Orlando.

While walruses are not yet listed as a threatened species, they have been affected due to climate change. Their population has stabilized since the 19th century commercial hunting was outlawed, but they still face challenges with their habitat from warming temperatures and thinning ice.

Kaboodle and her calf are currently not on public display. They are under 24 hour care with the husbandry team to ensure both mom and calf continue to thrive and bond together.