CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) – A picture of an American flag touching the ground is gaining attention on Facebook.

A man who wanted to remain anonymous told 13News Now he was driving past the McDonald’s, located on Portsmouth Blvd, when he saw an employee putting up a new flag, but the old flag was on the ground—violating the United States flag code. He snapped a picture and posted it on social media—urging McDonald’s to address the issue.

13News Now asked people in the area what they thought of the incident. Some said it was downright disrespectful. Other were more forgiving.

“It never should come into contact with the ground like that. It disappoints me if anything,” Jacob Inman said.

“My husband was in the military so I know all about it. It’s just about respect for the country and respect for the people who serve our country. It’s disrespectful,” one woman said.

“He has two hands and it’ a very large flag. How many young people are you gonna ask today about proper flag protocol and they’re gonna give you a correct answer? Probably not very many,” Christy Burke said.

McDonald’s management responded to the incident telling 13News Now that a crew member draped the flag over his shoulder, and it accidentally fell to the ground. A spokesperson said it was completely unintentional and management is planning to provide a flag procedures training refresher to all staff later this week.

JS&J Restaurants, Inc., the local McDonald’s franchise organization that owns the restaurant released this official statement Wednesday:

“We take great pride in the American Flag and regret any offense taken as a result of this accidental error. We take this matter very seriously and have reinforced proper flag raising protocol with employees.”