Norfolk, Va. (WVEC) - If you’re thinking of skipping your workout because it’s just too hot, think again.

Some people are keeping cool while burning thousands of calories. Dozens of people jumped in the pool Saturday morning for Aqua Zumba at Women’s Workout and Fitness Center on East Little Creek Road in Norfolk.

Aqua Zumba Instructor Suzanne Hing said when the weather heats up so too do her classes.

“You’re walking around in the hot weather and you get into the pool you'll cool off. All of a sudden the music starts and the beat drops and everybody just moving,” said Hing.

Crowds of people jumped in the pool to beat the heat with Hing but also to get a good workout. She said with the resistance of the water and the choregraphed dance moves you can burn thousands of calories.

“We have the resistance of the water and the element of the water as you’re pushing against it. We are doing things that people would normally do in in a regular class only with the resistance of the water and that's when it gets good,” said Hing.

Hing also said the water workout is good for people with injuries.

“Arthritis, Fibromyalgia I also suffer from Osteoarthritis. I have problems with my knees but when I get in the water we are on the same playing level,” said Hing.

Hing said before you think about calling your workout quits and throwing in the towel because of the heat, think about making waves in the pool to burn calories.

“Working out in cool water, burning calories when you get out and you feel so refreshed,” said Hing.